dietNot only should they do away with processed food stuffs and take away foods, they should also alter the food products that they eat regularly. Including more of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet along with food that is rich in protein is quite helpful for weight loss. Weight loss programs like Nutrisystem make good use of vegetables and fruits to prepare diet meals and offers like Nutrisystem discount code 50 off are very popular among the followers. Another food product that you are recommended to consume is fibres. There are a number of products that are rich in fibres such as guavas, raspberries and whole grains.


Whole grains are found in brown rice, quinoa, oats and other similar food products. They are very effective in times of weight loss and maintenance.


How can Whole grains be beneficial?


Whole grains are beneficial because of the high content of fibres in them. Fibres are usually undigested as the body does not have the necessary enzymes to process them. They pass on undigested to the digestive tract which is why they make you feel full without liberating any energy.


Whole grains also measure low on the glycemic index which ranks food stuffs according to the time that they take to be digested. Cookies, pastries and other food stuffs that are rich in sugar are digested rapidly which is why they yield energy quicker and make you feel hungry often.


Whole grains on the other hand, are ranked low by the glycemic index as they take a long time to burn. The liberation of sugar is steady which is why there is no spike in your blood glucose. Spikes in blood glucose can cause sugar crashes which make you crave for food.


Not only do whole grains help in weight loss but they also contribute to the prevention of type 2 diabetes, heart ailments and cholesterol.


How do you incorporate whole grains in your diet?


Whole grains can be incorporated in your diet through breads and brown rice. Substitute white bread with whole wheat bread while making sandwiches. This substitution will provide you with 3-6gms of fibre, almost 2-3gms more than what you would get from white bread. You can also have quinoa and oats (steel cut or rolled) as they are rich sources of fibres and they digest slowly.  


Packaged breakfast cereals are also a good source of whole grains. Not only do they supply fibre to your body but also calcium, vitamins and other important nutrients required to carry on body processes.


Precautions to take while consuming Whole Wheat Grain


Whole wheat grains, flour and some other kinds of cereals contain gluten to which some people are allergic. The disease is called celiac disease and consumption of gluten can lead to diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome.


If you have celiac disease, then you should avoid whole wheat grains as they contain the protein. You can look for products which use whole wheat grains and are gluten free. Some forms of pastas available in the market are made of whole wheat and are free from gluten.